Unlimited CEUs Subscriptions

Great Value!

Enjoy a 12-month Unlimited CEUs Subscription for only $249
Enjoy a 5-year Unlimited CEUs Subscription for only $431

Nurse taking course from AAACEUs with an Unlimited CEUs Subscription This package provides unlimited access to 55 courses totaling 432 credit hours. Purchasing this unlimited subscription gives the student freedom to pick which courses they'd like to take, tailoring it to their interests and practice. Students with multiple certifications and 100+ hours of continuing education requirements love this subscription and say it's the perfect solution to their continuing education needs.

All courses are approved by: ACM, CCM, CDMS, CRC, and RNs.

Most courses are approved by: CNLCP, CLCP, COPS-KT, COHN/COHN'S, CVRP, CVE, MSCC, and RRP.

Most courses are appropriate for: CRRN

  • Plenty of pre-approved hours to renew multiple certificates or licenses
  • New courses added every month
  • Courses of varying length from 2 to 22 credit hours
  • Over 35 hours of Pre-Approved Ethics
  • Wide range of topics
  • Online and on-demand
  • 24/7 Access allows you to set the pace
  • No additional cost for courses taken
  • Online courses only. Does not include textbook-based homestudies.