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Job Stress/Burnout
Course Code: CO1302

Author(s): Adriana Macias

Pre-approved for: ACM, ASWB (SWs-All Practice Levels), CA BRN, CLCP, COPS-KT, Delaware BON, Florida BON, RNs

Hours: 6

Job Stress/Burnout


Part 1: Job Stress / Burnout

A. Introduction
B. Statistics on Job Related Stress
C. What is Stress?
D. The Stress Process
E. Risk Factors
  1. Environmental
  2. Hormonal

F. Incidents that Lead to Stress

  1. Frustration
  2. Conflict
  3. Change
  4. Pressure

G. Medical Disorders that May be Mistaken as
H. Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress
I. Six Myths

J. Types of Stress
  1. Acute
  2. Episodic acute stress
  3. Chronic

K. Self-assessment
L. Normalizing Stress
M. Understanding Optimum Stress
N. Stress and Performance

  1. Short-term
  2. Long-term

Part 2: Job Stress / Burnout

A. Introduction
B. Classic Symptoms of Job Stress / Burnout

  1. Symptoms
  2. Causes of burnout
  3. Results of stress / burnout
  4. Timeline for changes
  5. 10 Steps toward managing job stress

    • Step 1: Identify your symptoms of job stress/burnout
    • Step 2: Identify the sources of your job stress

      1. Lack of control
      2. Information gap
      3. Cause and effect
      4. Conflict
      5. Blocked career
      6. Alienation
      7. Overload
      8. Underload
      9. Environment
      10. Value Conflict

    • Step 3: Identify how you respond to your specific job stressors
    • Step 4: Set goals to respond more effectively to your job stressors
    • Step 5: Motivate yourself
    • Step 6: Change your thinking
    • Step 7: Deal with your supervisor, boss, co-worker or family member that is causing you stress.
    • Step 8: When in conflict, negotiate
    • Step 9: Pace and balance yourself
    • Step 10: Know when to Quit

Course Objectives:
  1. Discuss the stress processing model.

  2. Identify the symptoms, causes and effects of job/stress burnout.

  3. Identify processes for reducing symptoms of stress/burnout


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