CLCP Training Module 1 - Foundation of Life Care Planning (CL1001)

Author(s): Dana M. Weldon MS CRC RRP CLCP CCLCP and Allyson R. Weldon BHSc, MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont), CCLCP

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Credit Hours: 18

Course Format

This course is online. All course material is available online and is accessible immediately after purchase from your account homepage. Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to define a life care plan, be familiar with the basic tenets of life care planning and understand the process. Participants will be able to demonstrate the benefits of preparing a Life Care Plan, identify the categories needed in a life care plan, based on life care planning foundation and methodology. Participants will be able to analyze and discern research articles that have merit.

Course Outline

  1. Welcome and introduction to the AAACEUs Life Care Planning Program

  2. History of Life Care Planning

  3. Definition of Life Care Plan

  4. Life Care Planning Overview

  5. What is included in a Life Care Plan?

  6. Elements of the Plan - What is a Life Care Plan?

  7. Why is a plan needed? Who hires Life Care Planners?

  8. Special Needs Trusts

  9. Medical Cost Projections

  10. Basic Tenets of Life Care Planning

  11. Suggested steps for the Life Care Planner

  12. Life Care Planning Methodology

  13. Life Care Planning Foundation

  14. How to Critique Research Articles

  15. Application

  16. Collateral Sources

  17. Life Care Plan Checklist

  18. Next steps

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