MSCC Training Program - Module 2: The When, How, & Why of Medicare Set-Aside Allocation (MSCC02)

Author(s): Reva Payne MS, CCM, CDMS, CLCP, MSCC, QRC

Pre-Approved for: CA BRN, CE Broker Provider, MSCC

Credit Hours: 5

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This course is online. All course material is available online and is accessible immediately after purchase from your account homepage. Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview

In Module 2, we will continue our training by guiding the learner through understanding when the WCMSA is appropriate, how they are used in the settlement process, the various disciplines (legal, medical, insurance, financial and administrative) involved in the process, and what Medicare's expectations are when reviewing the submission of the WCMSA. The goal for this module is a functional understanding of the process, stakeholders' involvement in the process, and the expectations surrounding the review process by CMS.

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This course was full of information and very interesting.
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