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Alcohol Problems Among Emergency Department Patients:
Proceedings of a Research Conference on Identification and Intervention

10 contact hours

This course is a comprehensive report of a conference convened on March 19-21, 2001. The conference brought together researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders from around the country to review current knowledge about alcohol problems among emergency department (ED) patients and about ED-based screening and intervention methods.

The conference resulted in a list of recommendations to enhance research and clinical practice in EDs. The proceedings include these recommendations as well as presentations and summaries of participants’ discussions.


  1. Introduction, Final Recommendations, and
    The Spectrum of Alcohol Problems and the Scope of Emergency Medicine Practice
  2. Identifying ED Patients with Alcohol Problems
  3. Intervening with Alcohol Problems in Emergency Settings
  4. Implementing Preventive Interventions in Emergency Medicine: Strategic Considerations
  5. Discussion of Draft Recommendations


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