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Therapeutic Techniques in Rehabilitation:
Body-Oriented Therapies and Mind/Body Therapies



Body-Oriented Therapies

1. Describe the benefits / mechanisms of Craniosacral Therapy
2. Explain the ailments that can be alleviated with this therapy
3. Discuss the principles behind the Chiropractic profession
4. Understand the Chiropractic technique and benefits of treatment
5. List the benefits that massage therapy has on both the mind and the body
6. Understand the different therapy methods
7. Describe the Feldenkrais Method and all its components
8. List the recurrent themes seen in this method
9. List the benefits of Yoga Therapy
10. Explain the characteristics of Yoga
11. Discuss the benefits of Tai Chi on the patientís health and well being
12. Understand the systemic effects of Tai Chi
13. List the roles of each Vitamin toward the overall health of an individual
14. Describe the role of herbs and certain nutrients on immune function and healing

Mind/Body Therapies

1. Describe how Clinical Hypnosis fits into the Holistic Health Model
2. Explain how Hypnosis aids in providing healthcare to patients
3. Understand the principles surrounding Meditation
4. Discuss the physiological effects of meditation
5. Understand the concept of Biofeedback, as well as the mechanisms for treatment
6. List the ailments that Biofeedback has shown some effectiveness in treating
7. Describe the different methods of psychotherapy:

  • Insight-Oriented,
  • Counseling,
  • Supportive therapy,
  • Nondirective therapy,
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

8. Understand the role that psychotherapy plays in treating a variety of ailments
9. Define the “Placebo Effect”
10. Describe the various mechanisms by which the placebo effect demonstrates usefulness in treating various ailments.


Body-Oriented Therapies

A. CranioSacral Therapy
B. Chiropractic Therapy
C. Massage Therapy
D. The Feldenkrais Method
E. Yoga Therapy for Neurologic Illness
F. Tai Chi
G. Nutrition

Mind / Body Therapies

A. Clinical Hypnosis
B. Meditation
C. Biofeedback
D. Psychotherapy
E. The Placebo Effect



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